Messmer's Wood and Deck StainStripper

Messmer’s Wood and Deck StainStripper is a ready to use solution designed to remove semitransparent stains, wood sealers and coatings from exterior wood. StainStripper dissolves and removes most wood stains and finishes.

  • Removes weathered stains
  • Prepares wood for refinishing
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe and effective
  • No VOC’s
  • All Messmer’s products are made in the USA


How much product do I need?

Messmer’s Wood and Deck StainStripper typically covers 100 to 200 square feet per gallon. Tough jobs may require multiple applications, so coverage may be lower.

How do I use Messmer’s StainStripper?

Do not dilute. Shake well before using. Spray wood surface with water, then apply StainStripper with synthetic brush or roller. To insure effectiveness of product, keep surface wet with stripper by misting with water. Allow StainStripper to work on surface for approximately 30 minutes. Some areas may require multiple applications or additional time.

What’s the next step?

Many wood species will darken after stripping. use Messmer’s Wood and Deck Part B Brightener to brighten the wood and restore pH balance before coating.

Can’t I just use bleach?

Bleach is not recommended for cleaning wood. It destroys the lignin which connects the wood fibers together and gives the wood an unnatural washed-out look. Bleach should only be used to remove mildew before applying a wood finish.

I stained my deck last year, and it already looks bad! Why?

Decks are hard to keep looking new. If your car sat outside for a year without being washed, would it look new? Wood traps dirt, dust, pollen and airborne pollutants, so you must remove them with a quality deck cleaner.

I have a dark discoloration on the wood. Is it mildew?

Place a drop of bleach (sodium hypochlorite solution) on the wood. If it lightens, it is probably mildew. Remove it with a solution of one part household bleach to two parts water, then rinse with water. If it doesn’t lighten, it’s probably just dirt, or wood extractives. Use Messmer’s Part A or WD Liquid to clean the wood.

Are Messmer’s products safe to use?

Yes, they are safe to use when product instructions are followed. Be sure to read and understand all instructions and label directions before proceeding with your project.