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Messmer’s Deck and Siding Stain

Messmer's Deck and Siding Stain

Messmer's Deck and Siding

Messmer’s tintable Deck and Siding Stain (formerly Decking Stain) offers durable protection to decks and other exterior wood surfaces, including vertical wood like siding and fencing. It can be tinted to dozens of colors and provides a semi-transparent to solid appearance.


  • Tintable Alkyd / Oil Finish
  • For decks, porches, and other horizontal and vertical exterior wood
  • Mildew resistant coating
  • Very resistant to cracking, peeling, blistering
  • Semi-Transparent to Opaque finish
  • All colors tinted from two bases
  • Coverage: 200 to 300 sq. ft. / GL
Messmers Decking Stain - Semitransparent Colors

Semi-transparent Colors

Messmers Decking Stain Solid Color Chart

Solid Stain Colors



Messmer’s Deck and Siding Stain (formerly Decking Stain) is a tintable alkyd / oil finish designed for decking and other exterior wood surfaces. It is durable and scuff resistant, protecting the wood from sun, moisture, and foot traffic. The product is available in two bases and is tintable to dozens of colors using universal tinting colorants available at nearly any paint store.

Many factors will influence the longevity of the finish, including conditions such as sunlight, weather and direction of exposure, as well as the amount of traffic the deck receives. In most cases we recommend reapplication every two to three years. In heavy traffic or high exposure areas, touchup may be required more frequently.

After application, dry time is generally less than 12 hours. This is influenced by temperature and weather conditions as well as amount of air flow and humidity. Light foot traffic can resume in 24 hours, allow more time before heavy use.

Messmer’s Deck and Siding Stain can be tinted to dozens of attractive colors. Click the COLORS tab for our color selections.

We recommend surface temperatures between 50F and 90F. Avoid application in direct sunlight on hot days. If the wood is hot to the touch, it is too hot to apply Messmer’s Deck and Siding Stain. Do not apply to wet wood, or if rain is expected in the next 24-48 hours.

Yes, you can and it works very well. Be sure to wait for several weeks on new pressure treated lumber installations, as the wood needs time to dry thoroughly before staining. Our products are suitable for use on older CCA treated lumber as well as the newer ACQ and copper azole lumbers.


Messmers Decking Stain for Vertical Wood Surfaces


Messmers Decking Stain for Vertical Wood Surfaces